Dr Fuhrman Gourmet Vinegar - Wild Blueberry

No Oil • No Salt • Vegan • No Gluten-Containing Ingredients • Non-GMO

Mild and tasty enough to stand alone as salad dressings, Dr. Fuhrman’s flavored vinegars can also be sprinkled over cooked vegetables or fruit or used as the secret ingredient in your favorite recipes.

Dr. Fuhrman recommends eating lots of salads and green vegetables and little or no processed, refined oil. Gourmet vinegars are a great way to add flavor without the oil, salt and extra calories usually contributed by traditional salad dressings and condiments. An assortment of flavored vinegars makes a great addition to any kitchen.

Ingredients: Red wine vinegar, blueberry juice, red grape juice, cider vinegar and natural blueberry flavoring.

This product contains naturally occurring sulfites. Refrigerate after opening.


"LOVE my BIG salad everyday......LOVE these vinegars instead of dressing! What a healthy way to enjoy salad again without all that extra oil, calories, and garbage that would upset my stomach! I have used them for 2 years now! Thank you Dr. Fuhrman."
~ Eve P.

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