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Happy Mothers Day!

May 8, 2016
Category: General

I admit I used to be a bit of a party pooper when it came to Mothers Day.  I've always had an issue with the commercialisation of showing love and appreciation for someone.  My stance has softened over the years though and I now rather enjoy a bit of special pampering on this day.  There is a big difference between a thoughtful homemade card and spending time with your loved ones than over the top and expensive gifts.


My mother passed away three years ago.  She was a very family orientated person who lived to love and support her family.  I still think about her every day and miss those chatty gossipy phone calls and visits.  I'll think 'I must tell mum about that' before remembering that I no longer have that option open to me.  She was diagnosed with bladder cancer in her 60's which she beat.  She then battled breast cancer in her 70's, had a mastectomy and beat that as well.  It was the lymphoma in her early 80's that took her from us.  My once sunny natured and happy mother faded away before our eyes as she battled severe pain and the loss of her independence.  Where once she loved to share a meal with her family, we got to the stage where we were lucky to get half a cracker into her in a day.  She quietly left us, propped up in her lazyboy chair in the lounge of the house her and dad build and where my brother and I grew up, surrounded by people who loved her.

My 18 year old daughter gave me a home made card this morning.  She is not overtly effusive so I'll take her words "I think you did a pretty good job because I'm 18 now and not a loser" as a compliment!  My mother was a big part of her life and that influence comes through.  I mourn the fact that mum will never know that her much adored grand daughter is at university now and doing well in life with strong morals and sense of right and wrong.

To all you mothers and grandmothers out there, I salute you and the great job you do.  To all you sons and daughters, love and cherish your mother as you never know when she won't be there anymore.

Happy Mothers Day!

Peace and Great Health to you all.

Tina xx




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